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What is a Blockchain Oracle and why is it important?
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Oracles are crucial components of a blockchain, as they provide smart contracts with the valuable information they need to function. Blockchains and their smart contracts are closed platforms that cannot natively access data from the outside world on their own. Oracles provide them with various real-world data forms, such as price information, the successful completion of a payment, the temperature measured by a sensor, sports results, and many more.

What distinguishes Charli3 from other Oracle solutions?
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Charli3 is a decentralized Oracle designed from the ground up for the Cardano network. A fully Cardano-centric perspective lets us focus on the specific needs of Cardano and its projects, as well as take advantage of the features available on Cardano that other chains might not offer. This also implies easier integration with Cardano projects while also being more cost-efficient.

What is the C3 token and what is its utility?
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The C3 token is a Cardano Native Token that powers the Charli3 Oracle. It is the currency used to pay the node operators for providing accurate data feeds. To get the data feeds, Dapps will be paying C3 tokens to the node operators per correct node value aggregated and so, therefore, supporting the perpetual utility of the C3 token.

*Although started as an ERC-20 token, the C3 token took its rightful place on the Cardano Blockchain on the 1st of May 2022. The maximum total supply of the ERC-20 C3 tokens will be migrating to Cardano in time.

Is there a maximum supply for the C3 token?
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The maximum supply of C3 tokens is 100.000.000 tokens.

Is there a story behind the logo and name?
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Charli3 took the approach of focusing our name on a character, to be more approachable and connect with people instead of only businesses. Charli3 is an homage to Charles Hoskinson, the “3” replacing the “e” is tech/leet speak given the industry we are in, as well as representing the 3 founders Damon, Jonas, and Robert.

Is Charli3 hiring?
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Charli3 is not currently interviewing applicants for specific positions, but we are always looking for skilled individuals with a passion for blockchain oracles & how they can improve blockchain applications. So feel free to reach out by sending an email to [email protected].


How to buy the C3 token? And which wallet can I use to store my C3 tokens?
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Important: always refer to the documentation of products you use to purchase and store tokens before taking any steps. Charli3 Oracle cannot be held responsible for any issues you might encounter using third party exchanges or wallets.

You can purchase the C3 token on the following decentralized exchanges:

→ Minswap

→ Muesliswap

→ Sundaeswap

→ Wingriders

Any Cardano wallet can hold C3 tokens, for example: Etrnl, GeroWallet, Nami, etc.

What is a CNT?
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A CNT is a Cardano Native Token.
Cardano Native tokens are crypto assets that can be created and distributed natively on the Cardano blockchain and are able to interact with Cardano smart contracts. These tokens can include tokens, stablecoins, and NFTs.

Why is there an ERC-20 C3 token and a CNT C3 token on the market?
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Some early Cardano projects, including Charli3, launched as an ERC-20 token since Cardano didn’t support smart contracts capable of investor lockup and vesting schedules to protect token price action. Since then, Charli3 has launched its CNT C3 token and urged people to bridge their ERC-20 C3 tokens to CNT C3.

The goal was always for C3 to be a Cardano Native Asset as the token utility for the Oracle is on the Cardano blockchain. Charli3 now solely supports the CNT C3 token. The ERC-20 C3 token is no longer supported and will have no future utility.

If you still own the ERC-20 C3 token,Click here

What happens with my C3 tokens after the Nomad Bridge hack?
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The Nomad bridge hack of August 1st surprised everyone. Charli3 supported the use of this bridge, created by Nomad for users to be able to bridge their tokens from Ethereum to Cardano.

Your tokens, if purchased prior to August 1st, 2022, will be viable for bridging 1:1 to Cardano at a future date. (there is no timeline for this)

To know more about the hack and our response, please read our dedicated article: https://oraclecharli3.medium.com/charli3-update-post-nomad-hack-a3cd576237a0

What are the contract addresses?
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IMPORTANT: do not buy ERC-20 C3 tokens as those are not supported anymore. If you have purchased ERC-20 C3, please read the Nomad bridge hack article.

CNT (Cardano Native Token) contract address:


ERC-20 contract address (for verification purposes only, not supported by Charli3 anymore):



What's the difference between 3rd party oracles and 1st party oracles?
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The main difference between 1st-party and 3rd-party oracles is the way that data is fed into the blockchain. 1st party oracles are operated by the API providers themselves. 3rd party oracles take the data from APIs, and aggregate them, acting as a security layer between the data source and the blockchain.

What are the use cases for Charli3?
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Some of the main technical use cases include:

→ Decentralized price-feeds

→ On-chain source of randomness

→ As an adapter to load off-chain data on-chain

These services can be used by many different DeFi solutions, stablecoins, Decentralized Exchanges, synthetics, and more.

Who can use Charli3 Oracle?
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Charli3 is useful for any Cardano project that requires secure and accurate data feeds to run its smart contracts. That data is usually off-chain data, but can also be randomly generated values, on-chain feeds, and data aggregation for increased data accuracy or source redundancy.

Where can I find more information about the team?
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Charli3 is made up of experts in various fields that share a common vision for a decentralized future. You can find out more about the team members here.

How can I keep up-to-date with Charli3’s activity?
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Whether it’s through frequent short Twitter updates, videos, or longer in-depth blog articles, we make it easy for you to stay up-to-date with our activity. Here are the best channels to find out what we are up to:

→ Twitter Account

→ Telegram Main Group

→ Telegram Price Chat Group

→ Discord Channel

→ Blog

YouTube Channel

Important notice: any channel claiming to be an official Charli3 channel that is not listed, above is likely to be a fake channel set up by scammers. Ignore or delete them. We will also never reach out directly to people.


Why did Charli3 release NFTs?
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The NFTs were released for community engagement, and to hopefully bring some form of utility to aid in community retention and engagement. In the short term, they were used as a way for people to directly support the project.

Why should I hold a Charli3 NFT?
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Holding a Charli3 NFT allows you an avenue to support Charli3, and the Charli3 community. It gives you another way to engage with other community members, and it allows you to become part of the Charli3 story.

Is there Charli3 merchandise?
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Charli3 merchandise is currently being worked on to be available to the community.

What is the Drop4drop initiative?
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The Drop4drop initiative is a non-profit for funding wells to provide clean water sources to communities in need. The project aims to transform lives, create opportunities, and lay the foundations for a brighter future. Dozens of clean water projects, mainly in India and across Africa have already been created. Charli3 has supported the initiative in the past and will bring new ways to support it in the future.

In the meantime, you can support Drop4drop directly on their website: https://drop4drop.org