Frequently Asked Questions

What is the market cap?

To calculate market capitalization, use this formula:
(Token Price) x (Circulating Supply)

What benefit does an Oracle built for ADA provide that others like ChainLink do not have?

A fully Cardano-centric perspective lets us focus on the specific needs of Cardano and its projects, as well as take advantage of the features available on Cardano that other chains might not offer.

How is the team related to CardStarter?

As Charli3 is a product of the CardStarter Launchpad and part of the CardStarter Incubator Program, the Charli3 and CardStarter teams will be working together closely and share many of the same external advisory teams.

Charli3 will also be the preferred and suggested Oracle solution for all future CardStarter IDOs.

What are the use cases for Charli3?

Some of the main technical use-cases include:

  • Decentralized price-feeds
  • On-chain source of randomness
  • As an adapter to load off-chain data on-chain

These services can be used by many different DeFi solutions, stablecoins, Decentralized Exchanges, synthetics and more.

Why is C3 not on BSC or other CEX?

There are currently no plans to list C3 on a centralized exchange prior to the Cardano Mainnet launch. We are focused on growing the team and delivering the best product possible.

When will C3 be migrated to Cardano Mainnet?

Once Cardano Mainnet launches, we will transfer over.

Will my C3 equal C3 on the Cardano Mainnet?

Yes, C3 on Ethereum will translate 1:1 to C3 on Cardano.