Cardano's Decentralized Oracle


How Charli3 works

Data pulled from APIs, hashed on-chain and available to protocols as data streams

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Not just another oracle

Our Features

Insured Node Consensus
Aggressive Node Reputations
Trustless Data Feed Network
Easily accesible for ADA based projects

The Cardano ecosystem at your fingertips

As a wave of projects launch on ADA, Charli3 will help you connect to their information accurately.


Total token supply: 100,000,000

Seed18% Private13% Public6% LP/Farming31% Liquidity3% Dev Pool8% Reserves1% Team20%

Token Vesting Schedule

Charli3's Goals

Our Vision

Decentralized oracles powering the DeFi ecosystem on Cardano from the onset.

Q2 2021
  • Launch/IDO; Marketing
  • Distribute ERC20 tokens
  • Setup off-chain code
  • Review ADA Testnet
Q3 2021
  • Hackathons
  • Integrate launchpad network
  • Expand external adapters
  • Migrate to Cardano
Q4 2021
  • Solidify niche in ADA ecosystem
  • Establish node staking
  • Bring in Private APIs
  • Expand technical capabilities

Our Team

Meet our team of experts

Robert Hever


Robert is a co-creator of a $1M+ ARR consulting service and has worked with over 50 leadership teams at a16z, YC, to F500s to help grow their business. He sees Charli3, being Cardano native, in an ideal position to be the premier cross-chain Oracle.

Jonas Lindgren


Jonas's strong software engineering background has led to his success of multiple CTO positions in crypto and fintech. He aims to architect cross-project interoperability and a reliable tamper-proof consensus with Charli3's oracle solutions.

Damon Zwarich


Damon has a diverse marketing and academic background. He channels his skills from these endeavors into blockchain advising, and now, Charli3. Interprofessional collaboration and research are the core of his current and future successes.

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