Data consumers

Setting up a price feed

The first step is to contact our team about your interest. The steps below outline roughly how this will work:

  1. You work together with Charli3 to figure out your requirements:
    1. Which trusted data sources to use for your price data
    2. How often the price data needs to be updated and its accuracy requirements
    3. How many C3 the feed should offer to the contributing Charli3 nodes
    4. Which decentralized Charli3 nodes to trust to update the feed
  2. Charli3 and data consumer sign a partnership agreement with the final details
  3. Charli3 creates the new feed according to the requirements
  4. The decentralized Charli3 nodes automatically detected the new feed, and start contributing to it
  5. You start using the feed
  6. At this point the only thing you need to do to maintain this feed is to ensure the feed is topped up with C3

(The process described here is facilitated by the Charli3 team but each step could be done by your team yourselves without involving the Charli3 team, should you want to.)

Interested in partnering with Charli3? Send us a message about your project.